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be you. be a server – brussel

are you our newserver?

as a server, yours is the friendly face our guests remember. you encourage them to explore the menu, to try new things. it doesn’t matter what you look like or where you’re from. here at wagamama we thrive on diversity.

  • passionate about fresh food
  • creating a positive environment for our guests
  • learning the wagamama way
  • knowing  all our menu numbers by heart and recommend dishes + drinks to guests
  • serving hundreds of guests every day

you are a walking, talking example of what it means to spread positivity from bowl to soul and always with a sense of fun

who doensn’t dream big about coming to work, doing what they love + spending time with their friends? at wagamama, it’s the relationships you make along the way that inspire you to grow. that’s what we are all about

  • an international, informal work environment with a very pleasant atmosphere and attention to work relations
  • receive extensive training to grow professionally and personally
  • working in an organisation in which experience is less important than your personality

how you complete our team

  • you like to engage with people and know what it is to provide excellent service
  • you’re energetic, friendly, have a good sense of humour and like to work in a team
  • you can speak english well
  • you like to work in a busy environment without losing your sense of humour
  • you are reliable, open, honest and follow the instructions of your managers
  • experience in a busy restaurant is desired, but it’s your personality that’s more important for us. all new staff receives an extensive training

what you can expect from us

  • an international, informal family culture with a pleasant atmosphere and attention to working relationships
  • receiving extensive training to grow both professionally and personally
  • working at an organization where experience is less important than your personality
  • employee discounts
  • pension accrual
  • flexible working hours


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